My Boyfriend Offered Me A Huge Surprise

SourceThe story of my proposal is a really beautiful one and I am eager to tell it to my kids when they will grow up a little bit. Now, they are still too young and they would not understand. Today, I saw a news about a soldier which proposed to his girlfriend in the airport and all the memories about this beautiful event that happened in my life years ago came back. About 10 years ago, I started using all kind of chat programs at work because I was really bored. On one of them I met a guy who seemed to be really cute and funny, so we soon exchanged emails and we started talking in private. In the beginning I was afraid he might not be as he presented himself, but as we spent many hours online, we even exchanged phone numbers at some point. After a couple of months he asked for my address telling me he wants to send me a postcard from Philadelphia. I gave it to him and one day later, a courier came and brought me a plane ticket for the Philadelphia Airport.

I was amazed and I called him immediately. He told me not to take it as an obligation, but to come if I am curious to meet him in person. I was a little bit nervous and I took the decision to visit him to see where our relationship is going. And that was the start of the beautiful adventure that led to our marriage. I went to see him and he expected me in the airport with a cardboard with my name on it and with a large bouquet of red roses.

That was my first trip and because it was wonderful, I continued flying to Philadelphia, as he was not able to leave the town because of his job. After about of year, we got to the point where these short visits where not enough. I was very sad, because we got along really great, but I was not sure how to approach the problem with him. I booked a flight for Philadelphia Airport and as soon as I landed I noticed a man covered with the first cardboard with my name on it was expecting me. On the cardboard it was also written: Will you marry me?