The Expansion And Renovation Of The Terminals


Right now, the Philadelphia Airport is in the middle of a few important construction projects. These have the role of expanding the terminals which already exist on this important airport of Pennsylvania. But take a look at the plan that describes all the improvements that will be made. 

The expansion of the D and E terminals

These two terminals of the Philadelphia Airport will soon be connected thanks to this construction project. The whole sum invested in this is of 341 million dollars. The terminals will be connected on more than one level and terminal E will also have an addition of 50,000 square feet. Between the two will also be a baggage claim area.

The first phase includes the construction of a connecting building between terminals D and E. On the first level will be the baggage claim area and also an EDS, an explosive detection system which will provide baggage screening. The second level of this building will include a passenger security screening area, while the third level will have a large area dedicated to offices.

The second phase of the expansion includes the modification of the ticket counters. These will have more space, permitting people in the airport to circulate easier. The tenant spaces in the two terminals will be restored with this occasion.

In the third phase of the expansion of terminals D and E of the Philadelphia Airport, hold rooms and rest rooms will be built in order to offer all the much needed facilities to travelers.

This project should be completed in September 2013.

The expansion of the F terminal

Considering that the F terminal is much too small for all the needs passengers have, this will be expanded to offer the best services. The budget for this expansion project is of 117 million dollars. This money will be used to expand the security checkpoint of this terminal, to expand the concourse and to build a baggage claim facility. Terminal F will also have more space for stores and restaurants.

The project should be completed in the fall of 2015.

A new baggage system in the eastern area of terminal A

32 million dollars are now being invested in a new baggage operation system which will be used in terminal A. This will comply to the latest standards in the domain.

The new system will be ready to use in April 2014.

Terminals B and C will benefit of the renovation of the restrooms

For this project were assigned 4.5 million dollars. The restrooms in these terminals will be fixed, will benefit of new piping and of the best systems to offer passengers a hygienic and clean place to refresh in terminals B and C. The restrooms will have new ceilings and new accessories, too and they will benefit of incorporated artwork.

The project should be completed until the end of September 2012.

The Philadelphia Airport will be more modern and useful than ever once all the works are done. Even so, in present everything is running smoothly and passengers that use it don’t have any discomfort during their pass through the airport.