The History of Philadelphia Airport

Philadelphia Airport is located in the state of Pennsylvania, United States, being one of the largest airports in the entire region and the main airport serving the area. Philadelphia Airport is owned by the City of Philadelphia, as the property is mostly located in this beautiful city. The history of Philadelphia Airport goes back to 1925, when it started operating. Back then, it was used as a training field by the Pennsylvania National Guard and it was known as Hog Island. In 1927, the American aviator Charles Lindebergh established it as the Philadelphia Municipal Airport.

However, Philadelphia Airport did not have a proper terminal building until 1940, because the then airlines were using the airfield in Camden, New Jersey, which was located nearby. Soon after, the terminal at Philadelphia Airport was completed and the flights began. By 1950, Philadelphia Airport already had runways 4, 9, 12 and 17. During World War II, Philadelphia Airport was used as a First Air Force training airfield, by the United States Army Air Forces. During the war, numerous bomber and fighter groups were trained here at Philadelphia Airport, before being dispatched overseas or sent to other airfields for more advanced trainings. Until the 1970s, Philadelphia Airport did not suffer any major modifications. It was in the 1980s when the upgrades began, and Philadelphia Airport started to host more hub operations.

Since then, Philadelphia Airport knew a continuous development. Now, Philadelphia Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States in terms of passenger and air traffic. This fast-growing airport established a true record in 2004, when more than 28.5 million people flew through it. As for the aircraft movements, Philadelphia Airport is ranked the 12th busiest airport in the entire world. 2005 was the year when Philadelphia Airport knew a thorough expansion, which led to a positive economic impact on the city, and the whole area. Philadelphia Airport has 7 terminals and the dominant airline here is US Airways. Nevertheless, there are many more airlines operating at Philadelphia Airport, so if you will be traveling to this area, you will probably be landing on Philadelphia Airport.