Philadelphia Airport Is Special

An airport is usually associated with a boring place, where people sit and wait a lot, wishing time passed by faster to arrive home. This is true for many airports in the world, but Philadelphia Airport is totally different. Philadelphia Airport is a dynamic and lively place, where people actually enjoy being and there are … Read more

Philadelphia Airport Impressive Design

Philadelphia Airport is an important and crowded airport located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Airport is also the third largest hub in the United States  of America. It was founded in 1925 as a training field, but throughout time, it became an amazing spot and a very crowded spot. As usually, it is boring to wait … Read more

The History of Philadelphia Airport

Philadelphia Airport is located in the state of Pennsylvania, United States, being one of the largest airports in the entire region and the main airport serving the area. Philadelphia Airport is owned by the City of Philadelphia, as the property is mostly located in this beautiful city. The history of Philadelphia Airport goes back to … Read more

Philadelphia Airport Car Rental

Philadelphia Airport is the main airport serving Pennsylvania, so it is obvious that it is very crowded and that many people are landing or taking off from here on a daily basis. With a passenger traffic of nearly 31 million every year, Philadelphia Airport is the second largest hub of US Airways. Philadelphia Airport was … Read more

Philadelphia Airport Is Different

Philadelphia is a  city that has been the main subject in songs and also films, but what about Philadelphia Airport? Although the Philadelphia Airport is as busy as many others airports, it is a fact that not many people know about this place: in the airport, you will find bands that perform live and you … Read more

Philadelphia Airport Services

Taking a flight to a certain destination has become one of the most affordable, common and easiest ways in which you can travel very quick from one place in the world to another. And of course our comfort is now facilitated by the fact that every airport offer us a series of services that can … Read more

Philadelphia Airport Parking

Here are the answers you’ve always wanted on how to save money on Philadelphia Airport parking fees. When it comes to securing parking at the Philadelphia International Airport, it can be a game of inches. In order to get the best deals when traveling, you need to be aware of the parking fees so that … Read more